Eoin Stephens, MA, MIACP, MACI

Counselling, Supervision, Training

My practice is now primarily focused on working with Autistic Adults  (minimum age 18), or those who feel they may be autistic.

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Autism-Informed Therapy Institute

* Currently booked up, with a waiting list *

Eoin Stephens (BA Psychology, MA Cognitive-Behavioural Counselling, MIACP, MACI) has more than 30 years experience in the fields of Counselling/Psychotherapy, Lecturing/Training, & Intellectual Disability, providing leadership in such areas as Autism-Informed Therapy, Addictive/Problematic Behaviours, & Counselling/Psychotherapy Education.

* Cognitive theory, Pragmatic philosophy, Humanistic practice *

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Practice address: Osprey Business Centre, Naas, Co. Kildare

  Email Eoin at eoinstephens@gmail.com

or info@autisminformedtherapy.com

or call 086 3814366

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